Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who am I kidding

So I thought I would be clever and start this silly blog to document about my exercising. And since there hasn't really been any exercising there hasn't been any blogs. I know I have really disappointed a lot of my readers because they have been expecting things from me and I have let them down...

Enough of the drama, I have been doing a bit of exercise. Just a bit. I ride my bike about a mile-ish to my school from down the street because I can't afford to buy a parking permit. It is actually kind of nice. I get to cruise on Pearle II down a busy road with crazy college drivers all over the place, oh and I park right next to a high school. I've only done it for two weeks, so I hope it lasts all quarter long.

I've also been walking in the mornings with my friend Teresa. Day 4 into it I'm sore. I am sore from walking up my street, down the block and back to my house. Seems pretty pathetic. Compared to some I am in shape, but compared to those who are actually in shape I am no where near. I fondly look back on sweet high school pictures with muscular legs and no extra person hiding underneath my arms and I sigh, take another bite of my chicken frontega sandwich from Panera, drink my espresso and get on with my life.

Is it the end of the world that I don't fit into a size 10 jean anymore? No.
Is it the end of the world that I don't get motivated to work out intensely? No.
Is it the end of the world when I burn my favorite chocolate chip cookies? Abso-frikin-lutely.

So here is to tomorrow, waking up to go for a walk, to come back sore, and to eat another marble pound cake from Starbucks.

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