Monday, February 22, 2010

Fasting... aka no food

So the pastor of my church has challenged the congregation to a 21 day fast. It's not a complete fast from food but from "choice foods" like meat, dairy products, and anything yummy. That leaves fruits and vegetables.

Today is DAY 1 and I had a banana, orange and pineapple smoothy for breakfast, a pomegranate smoothy for lunch from Jamba, and a bowl of blackbeans and fajita veggies for dinner. Though I love my mama #1 meal with a raspberry iced tea from Baker's, I hope I can manage to resist it's sweet temptation!

The entire purpose of the fast isn't just to resist yummy foods but rather to focus on God and draw near to him in a pursuit of prevailing prayer. It sounds kind of scary if you ask me, but I am willing to see how my body reacts to a change in eating habits and my mind reacts to a change of heart.

So I hope that the next 21 days goes as smoothly as possible, in those 21 days I hope to walk away with a clear purpose of what I can do in my near future, a desiring heart for God and possibly shedding a few pounds while getting my life under control! It will not be easy and I don't expect it to be. I can guarantee that things I need to work on will be shoved in my face with no excuses of sweeping them under the rug!

Here is to a successful day 1, and to the anticipation of the days to come.

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