Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going on Day 4

So it is day 4 of the fast mentioned in a previous post and as I sit at the computer all I can think about is Baker's bean and cheese burritos. Oh Mammma!

But seriously, it hasn't been horrible going on a vegetarian diet. It's not like I can't eat any food. But it has opened my eyes that I like a lot of things with a lot of cheese, grease, fat, bread and wonderful flavors. That includes things like pizza, garlic bread, pasta, pizza, bread with butter, pizza... You get my drift? And through all this God is telling me that I shouldn't love food. I mean, come on! Food is like, amazing! I'm not supposed to love it? and dream of it? or crave it? That sucks.

At the closing of day 4 God is presenting himself to be seemingly sufficient. But when I walk into Barnes and Noble and it smells like fresh baked chocolate croissants, it is very hard to remember.

Bring it on day 21... I can't wait until I am staring at you in the face.

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