Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going on Day 4

So it is day 4 of the fast mentioned in a previous post and as I sit at the computer all I can think about is Baker's bean and cheese burritos. Oh Mammma!

But seriously, it hasn't been horrible going on a vegetarian diet. It's not like I can't eat any food. But it has opened my eyes that I like a lot of things with a lot of cheese, grease, fat, bread and wonderful flavors. That includes things like pizza, garlic bread, pasta, pizza, bread with butter, pizza... You get my drift? And through all this God is telling me that I shouldn't love food. I mean, come on! Food is like, amazing! I'm not supposed to love it? and dream of it? or crave it? That sucks.

At the closing of day 4 God is presenting himself to be seemingly sufficient. But when I walk into Barnes and Noble and it smells like fresh baked chocolate croissants, it is very hard to remember.

Bring it on day 21... I can't wait until I am staring at you in the face.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fasting... aka no food

So the pastor of my church has challenged the congregation to a 21 day fast. It's not a complete fast from food but from "choice foods" like meat, dairy products, and anything yummy. That leaves fruits and vegetables.

Today is DAY 1 and I had a banana, orange and pineapple smoothy for breakfast, a pomegranate smoothy for lunch from Jamba, and a bowl of blackbeans and fajita veggies for dinner. Though I love my mama #1 meal with a raspberry iced tea from Baker's, I hope I can manage to resist it's sweet temptation!

The entire purpose of the fast isn't just to resist yummy foods but rather to focus on God and draw near to him in a pursuit of prevailing prayer. It sounds kind of scary if you ask me, but I am willing to see how my body reacts to a change in eating habits and my mind reacts to a change of heart.

So I hope that the next 21 days goes as smoothly as possible, in those 21 days I hope to walk away with a clear purpose of what I can do in my near future, a desiring heart for God and possibly shedding a few pounds while getting my life under control! It will not be easy and I don't expect it to be. I can guarantee that things I need to work on will be shoved in my face with no excuses of sweeping them under the rug!

Here is to a successful day 1, and to the anticipation of the days to come.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fruit Bootin'

I have a confession to make... I am a fruit booter. I have hidden this part of me for quite awhile and it was time to admit to it.

So this is part of my exercise adventure, and you can completely disregard my first post saying that I would do it everyday... that isn't going to happen. But I had an adventure today putting on my new rollerblades for the first time in over 10 years. It brought back memories of me and my dear friends rollerblading near the U of R, catching robbers and escaping prison. About as soon as the memories came so did the burning in my legs... Holy Moly did my legs burn!

I only made it a half an hour today and Pearle hardly made it that long as I was dragging her behind me, not even letting her stop to pee.

I recently got the itch to join a roller derby team based out of the IE and derby is no skate in the park (no pun intended). It's pretty hardcore and it's a whole bunch of women who have full-time jobs or stay at home with the kids who get to run over, push, shove and nearly wrestle as they get out their frustrations of everyday life... sounds like my kind of sport.

I will decide this weekend if I am going to be brave enough to join, so until then I will try to rollerblade again and ignore the intense burning in my legs.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who am I kidding

So I thought I would be clever and start this silly blog to document about my exercising. And since there hasn't really been any exercising there hasn't been any blogs. I know I have really disappointed a lot of my readers because they have been expecting things from me and I have let them down...

Enough of the drama, I have been doing a bit of exercise. Just a bit. I ride my bike about a mile-ish to my school from down the street because I can't afford to buy a parking permit. It is actually kind of nice. I get to cruise on Pearle II down a busy road with crazy college drivers all over the place, oh and I park right next to a high school. I've only done it for two weeks, so I hope it lasts all quarter long.

I've also been walking in the mornings with my friend Teresa. Day 4 into it I'm sore. I am sore from walking up my street, down the block and back to my house. Seems pretty pathetic. Compared to some I am in shape, but compared to those who are actually in shape I am no where near. I fondly look back on sweet high school pictures with muscular legs and no extra person hiding underneath my arms and I sigh, take another bite of my chicken frontega sandwich from Panera, drink my espresso and get on with my life.

Is it the end of the world that I don't fit into a size 10 jean anymore? No.
Is it the end of the world that I don't get motivated to work out intensely? No.
Is it the end of the world when I burn my favorite chocolate chip cookies? Abso-frikin-lutely.

So here is to tomorrow, waking up to go for a walk, to come back sore, and to eat another marble pound cake from Starbucks.