Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Layovers = ample blog time

As some of you know, I flew to Florida this weekend for a quick vacation. My brother, his fiancé and I were able to get a free flight from my uncle... So awesome! The only setback is flying stand-by. We were almost separated on the way to Tampa due to a lack of open seats but luckily Josh was able to make it on. But, the inevitable did happen on our way to Denver. Josh didn't get on the flight so Nicole and I went, leaving Josh behind. To make a long story short, Josh is now on a plane to Ontario while Nicole and I are waiting out our 5 hour layover due to a delayed plane in Las Vegas... I'm not sure how this worked out?!
So other than writing a song about waiting in an airport (which I am sure has been done by Owl City or Death Cab) I decided to write a blog... I mean how many times can you watch Harry Potter in 5 hours?!

I am reading this book called "The Stewardship of the Mystery" by T. Austin Sparks. It is so good mainly because it is all about Christ but begs the question what are we to do about him? This has been my question recently... So we believe in Christ. What are we doing about it? Sparks suggests that we respond to him by being the body... But being the body in His fullness. Now that sounds easier said than done.
It strikes me a bit uncomfortably on the rear that so many believers still have a mindset that they are not worthy, or have not been made whole on Christ. We have not fully understood that our old self (Adam and the entire race he represents) has infancy been buried in the grave and our new self has been resurrected in Christ (our is meaning the body as a whole). How many lectures, encounters, experiences, revelations will it take to get this point across? Sometimes just writing about it agrivates me because I realize I'm not being all that productive... But seriously, what will it take? I don't mind repeating myself but what I don't like is words falling on deaf ears.
I have two things that I am going to do, and I hope many others will also.
1. I will actually believe that Jesus paid the price to unleash heaven on earth so I therefore have an abundance of resources, access, and inheritance in Him. I will actually believe for heaven on earth.
2. I will no longer go back to before the cross where I am judged for my sins. I will stand on the platform that Christ has given me that I am blameless and whole.

I truly feel that if we could just start with these two things then we could change the face of the Church in one quick swoop... People would be so captivated in our confidence before Christ and our unwavering knowledge and belief of the realities of heaven... They won't know what to do! Well, it has to start somewhere, so it might as well be here!

Here's to the days of old that we shall never feel shame for and to the days of now, which is Christ.

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