Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The fight starts with us...

I am sure that most anyone who finds themselves on Facebook has seen something about Kony 2012. I watched the documentary and it was incredible. If you haven't had a heart for Africa before... maybe you should watch the video here and get one...

Before I go into this, I would like it noted that I am listening to my Michael Bolton Pandora station. If you do not have that station, I would highly recommend creating one.

On the topic of social injustice... I remember my sophomore year of college for one reason, Sociology 101. I did a really good job at picking teachers who gave you way too much work for a 101 Gen Ed class (please note the sarcasm). But now I am thankful for that because part of my Sociology class was about what was going on in Africa- Child soldiers, Diamond/Gem mining and corrupt Government.

I chose diamond mining as a topic to research because it seemed the easiest of the three subjects, but once I got into it... I never went back. I won't go too much into the nitty gritty because quite frankly I am not nearly as educated about it as I should be. BUT- that does not put out the flame that was ignited because of that knowledge. Back to my project, I researched diamond mining and came across and array of injustice that just made my stomach turn. Not only is it slavery... but we support it without even knowing it.

If the man who wants to marry me buys me a diamond ring to propose, he will have a really bad day. It won't be a deal breaker... but I would hope he would know that I have no desire to ever buy a diamond even if it is "certified". It just won't happen. I love the way they look and would never judge anyone who wants or has them, it's just not for me.

It is incredible that we can live in such a technological world but not know about the injustice that is all around us. Even watching movies like 'Taken' or 'Blood Diamond' or 'Hotel Rhwanda' should spark an interest in us to find out what is actually true about these subjects. Just walking through the streets of Redlands makes you aware that we are not immune to the struggles of this world and the hierarchy of power.

I am an advocate for people, in all realms of this life. I often don't get too involved with too many social issues because it leaves me frustrated that I am not doing anything about it. BUT I AM- because my dollar is the biggest voice I have- so I won't buy what you are offering if it means injustice-

Quick history on my history with where my money goes- First off as a kid I would never buy the off brand because it just didn't taste the same, there was a quality in a brand that took the time to create a product that was good, even if it was just candy. Then as I started learning of slave labor I stopped buying things that were made in China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand etc unless I knew the history of the company that was actually trying to provide jobs in that area- not just taking advantage of women and children who had no choice. That took up a majority of my teens and even now- and then diamond mining entered the picture so I will never buy a diamond even if it is certified because it is almost impossible to track a diamond- Then there is food. It is incredible that I have to discriminate where I eat based on where the company sources their food and if the farms they buy from raise NATURAL animals on a NATURAL diet- and not feeding them ground up corpses of the dead animals that died due to disease/malnutrition... I love Chipotle...

Ok, this blog is turning into a platform, which I don't want it to be- All I know is there is something that should spark a fight in us to do something in light of others- Jesus was all about that. If you find yourself in close communion with Him, it won't be long before your heart starts to break for something or someone. I hope you find it, and I hope you learn how you can do your part.

Until then, check out the Kony Campaign... it's incredible.

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