Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why I'm starting a blog...

Well it all started when I sat down and one, realized I had no new year's resolutions and two, watched Julie & Julia. These two things not only motivated my to get off my butt, but to also sit on my butt and create a blog!

So what is my new year's resolution? Well, I don't have one. I wouldn't consider myself an anti-resolutionist, but perhaps I am. I don't like sitting in circles at the beginning of the year discussing what my resolutions will be, or writing papers for my teachers who don't have any other good topics to come up with. But despite my doubts about all this, I have resolved to do something.

Here it is... I resolve to ride my bike once everyday to a place I would normally drive. Considering I live 3 miles away from downtown Redlands where my favorite Starbucks is and I live up hill from everything, this may turn out to be a very hard thing to do. But I resolve to do it and it starts tomorrow, January 18 and will end Feb 18, a week after my 23rd birthday.

I vow to do it everyday and if I don't then the deadline will get extended by each day that I don't. And as I venture on my little white beach cruiser, Pearle II, I will come up with another thing I can do for the next month! My goal is to motivate myself to get out and exercise but to make it fun in the process! Let's hope this works!!

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