Thursday, January 21, 2010

On another account of rain...

So this so-called resolution is not even in action yet. This rain is unforgiving!

I am hopeful that next week brings incredible sunshine and that I can start this hazy adventure. I am actually excited to do it. As I think about riding my bike this month it kind of makes me regret my decision to do this but then I realize that I will be getting off my incredibly lazy butt and get some exercise. I would say that I have the goal of losing weight (and although that would be amazing) it's not. My goal is a healthy lifestyle. My goal is feeling better when I wake up in the morning. My goal is to accomplish something short and long term. It's no longer about me anymore, only doing what I really want to do, or only eat what I really want to eat... It's time.

So here's to the rain letting me get started!

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