Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life vs. Knowledge

What do you think this world would look like if Eve had brought Adam fruit from the Tree of Life instead of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? Why do we value knowledge so much when that was the forbidden fruit in the garden? It begs the question, does it even matter to God what is right or wrong?

These are questions I mostly ask myself- but would love if others started asking these as well. It puts a new twist on what we view as right or good because I think all the father sees is that which brings life. All others are just death. Not all good things bring life as Paul mentions, everything is permissible but not all is profitable. So what really are the dividing lines? It certainly shouldn't be what we view as right or wrong because that is completely subjective- therefore not a valid argument. Should it be what God views as right or wrong? Yes and no. All that God sees is what is in his son- anything else is as far removed from him as the east is from the west. There is no gray area, no middle ground and no fence to ride. Just that what is and is not of Christ.

'I don't drink because I am a Christian.' 'I don't watch Harry Potter because I am a Christian.' 'I don't do [insert here] because I am a Christian.' Countless things we will take a stand against for the sake of being a Christian when in reality those things are just a result of our understanding of good and evil. No one would argue that you should do anything that will harm yourself- so don't read me wrong here. But what is it that God wants us to take a stand for? Is it to protect the law? Or is it to embrace life? On a daily basis what would you say you do most- weigh the pros and cons of a decision or simply choose Christ?

I know these are rather rhetorical- but start thinking! Paul urges us to continually renew our minds so that we can know the will of God and attest that it is good. When we step away from the boundaries of the law that is the only time we can truly see Christ in all his glory and attest that God's will is perfect and good. And lets not get on the bandwagon of what God's personal will is for our lives ok- for your own sake just please read John 6:40- he has one ultimate, governing will- that we would believe in his son and have eternal life. God's will for my life is not separate from the will for humanity. I am a part of this magical and mysterious secret made known to creation through Christ. Isn't it amazing?!

So- if I continue to eat of the Tree of Knowledge where will it lead me? I will become and expert on what is ethical, right, moral, good, pure and noble. But if I eat of the Tree of Life what shall become of me? I shall see resurrection, redemption, justice, salvation, love, hope, peace and don't forget, eternity. This is no contest. I choose to eat of life and I could care less on what you or I think is good or evil. There is no such thing when you are in Christ.

Until next time, enjoy the sweet and savory flavor of life being birthed in you each moment- Christ died to bring life! Not more knowledge, so get with it!

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  1. Wow Jennifer that was moving, eloquent, excellent. Are you sure you're called to serve coffee or serve the church. It needs your spirit, voice and intellect that breaks through mere knowlege to find divine essence.