Monday, February 13, 2012

Bethel- and Momentum

Speaking of History- a funny thing happened. I went up to Bethel to visit the healing room they have and on Friday night (my birthday), I received a book by Eric Johnson from Bill Johnson who was speaking that night. It is now Monday and I just finished the book I got, which is titled Momentum. I find this funny because I have been studying the history of Redlands to get a feel for what has already been done to better understand what we can do... I think the Lord is really good at giving gifts...

So on this subject, Momentum satisfied my hunger for a movement of God to be started, or rather, continued. I can hardly begin to describe what I am feeling inside, it is almost violent. Sometimes I feel like throwing things across the room and screaming just to see if something miraculous could happen... This is very strange urges coming from a passive person. But my intent is clear... I'm ready.

So what now? I've read another book, I've been in scripture... Now what? Well, it's time for reality. It's time to help people understand their reality in the Kingdom of Heaven. It's time to understand our destiny, which is closely tied to those around us. It's time for us to realize that our community is going to be the ones that anoint us and send us out, just as Jesus did with his disciples. It's time to recognize that the more we make this life about us the more dark this works becomes. When will we choose to see the light in one another versus seeing the darkness? There are millions of people dying, literally, for an encounter with an alternative reality. Will you be the ones standing next to me? Or will you be the ones persecuting me? There are only two camps in the eyes of the Lord, and I want you in my camp.

Lord, I thank you for what you have done in those who have lived before me. I pray that you will light a fire under our seats to help this generation to wake up and understand the impact we have in this world. Thank you for your covering of grace over us as we eagerly wait upon you and learn to walk in what we have found. You are worth every sacrifice I will ever have to make because your sacrifice is worthy of my life. Thank you.

Until then, I will be making a fool of myself in the presence of God, I suggest you start getting weird too.

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